Our PROCESSING facilities

Surpassing Global standards of Shrimp processing

Shrimp Processing

Our core strength has been processing and delivering safe and quality shrimp to our customers. The two processing facilities are strategically located at the main shrimp farming regions in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Together our facilities produce over 20,000 tons of processed shrimp annually for export in various value-added forms. We have invested continuously to upgrade our facilities with the latest equipment to cater to our customers evolving product preferences.

Sourcing Network

Our robust raw material sourcing network has been built on strength of years of fair buying practices. This helps with consistent raw material supplies, which in turn ensures uninterrupted deliveries to our customers. Raw material is sourced from all major farming areas of the state of Andhra Pradesh, which accounts over half of India’s aquaculture shrimp production.

Food Safety

We believe Food Safety is fundamental to seafood processing. We build our relationships and reputation with customers by delivering safe and hygienically processed shrimp. We have food safety systems built around our HACCP program.

Quality Culture

A large team of qualified and trained personnel to check quality online and ensure our products conform to international quality standards and customer specifications.


Our facilities have fully equipped In-house QA laboratory which performs Microbiological, Chemical and Environmental monitoring tests to ensure safety of products we deliver.


We comply with legal and safety requirements of importing countries and conform to international food safety standards under the GFSI program. Our facilities are registered with the US FDA and approved for export to the European Union.

Support Systems

We have built upstream infrastructure of Shrimp Farms and Hatchery to have better control over our Supply Chain.

Shrimp Farming

Our farm network includes own BAP certified farms and contracted farms which are also BAP certified. Our own farms are also ASC certified.

Shrimp Hatchery

Our BAP certified hatchery sources only SPF brood stock and manages larvae production with proper Animal Health Management plan to ensure disease free shrimp are supplied to the grow out farms.

Maintaining Standard

With large cache of certified farms and support from our own Hatchery and Feed mill, we ensure standards are maintained each stage of our supply chain.