Our shrimp feed division

We currently produce Vannamei, Black Tiger shrimp feed and provide Healthcare and Pond Management products

Shrimp Feed Manufacture

Devi Sea Foods introduced premium Vannamei shrimp feed to cater to growing demand for high quality feed in India and giving better control over its Supply Chain. Since commencing its operations in 2016 with an annual production capacity of 45,000 tons, we have expanded capacity to 180,000 tons of shrimp feed with two manufacturing locations.

Quality Assurance

Formulation is key to success of any aquaculture feed. We developed our feed formulation with the help of nutritional experts based on empirical studies and trials at farms.

Technical Support

We have a network of trained technicians across our feed supply areas. The team help farmers improve their practices on site and improve their production, also providing continuous feedback to production. We also have set up testing laboratories to help farmers monitor the farm conditions and manage the health of shrimp in water.

Building Relationship

Farmer engagement

Our team of Executives and Technicians are in constant touch with the farmers and offer on-site assistance. Our on-site support and long-term relationships we build only re-enforces the farmers trust in Devi Sea Foods.

Dealer network

We have a Pan India Dealer Network spread across the East and West coasts of India in key farming areas. Our dealer base is expanding as we increase production capacities.


We have grown our business around building long term relationships and this is cemented by the recognition we show by honoring these relationships periodically.