Our feed for shrimps

We currently produce Vannamei, Black Tiger shrimp feed and provide Healthcare and Pond Management products.

Shrimp FEED Products

We manufacture shrimp feed for Pacific White and Black Tiger shrimp, developed to suite the Indian farming conditions.

DEVEE shrimp feed is scientifically formulated to meet the complete nutritional requirement of shrimp with a balanced Amino acid profile and duly fortified with rich vitamins and minerals.

Successful farming requires management of water quality, which can reduce risk of deficiencies and promote survival and growth. Bacterial control in water is also required to ensure shrimp in the pond remain disease free. Devi Sea Foods sources and markets proven Health Care products to improve shrimp health and help farmers overcome operational challenges and get successful harvests.  All products we offer are free of Antibiotics.

D – Mag

Concentrated natural mineral salts to support moulting, shell formation & Anti –cramp support for Low & High Salinity areas with Macro & Micro minerals.


Feed Additive with a special formulation of Organic acids, Herbal Extracts, Prebiotics, Essential Enzymes with Quorum Sensing Inhibition Agent to control Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal  activity in digestive tract of shrimp to prevent bacterial diseases and white feces syndrome by balancing Ph and promotes digestive activity for better growth, survival rate and F.C.R.

Devee Pro

Soil & Water probiotic, a combination which improves and adds sustainability to Pond water and Soil with specialty probiotics strains.

G – Mix

G-Mix is a Concentrate Multi Trace Mineral Mix (Feed Additive) for Shrimp Growth with extra Phosphorus concentration to enhance support during moulting and at the time of stress.

Beta Slim – S

Beta Slim-S is a special Feed Additive formulation with composition of Yeast Extract (Beta – Glucon, MOS, Nucleotide), Vitamins & Minerals with essential Amino Acid for better shrimp immunity and health during time of stress.

D- Tox

DTOX is a pond water quality freshener application. Helps in reduction of water viscosity, detoxify toxins from Vibrio, Pseudomonas and Plankton. DTOX also helps improve shelling of shrimp and reduce heavy metal load from water.