Devi sea foods inc., usa


Service Network

Devi Seafoods Inc. has an established distribution network within the US, with warehouses located to serve customers across all major regions - the Northeast, the Midwest, the South, and the West.

Support linked to Source

Often a customer needs support, solutions and have questions which require the immediate responses but must work through the supply chain network for answers. Devi Seafoods has a dedicated team in the United States to listen to customers, offer solutions and have quick turnaround to queries due to immediate access to the source.Our knowledge of markets and production help in synergizing our Supply Chain network and offer seamless supply solutions to our customers.


Devi Seafoods is committed to source from suppliers conforming to international Social, Ethical and Sustainability standards. We support international sustainability certification standards and programs including BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). We also work with our customers to meet their Sustainability goals.


Devi offers a range of raw and cooked shrimp products in various configurations, as well as customized solutions. Devi offers private label programs that assure customers the exact product they need, in any quantity, for any period.

Easy Peel Shrimp

Naturally suited for marinating since it cooks fast and retains just the right amount of sauce. Easy peel shrimp with the split back helps the marinade sink in and retain its flavor. When cooked in their shell, easy peels give that additional flavor many people like. Whether boiled, broiled or grilled the flavor comes through when the shell is left on.

Raw Peeled Shrimp

Peeled shrimp are available in both Tail-on and Tail-off forms. The advantage of Peeled shrimp is that quickly turns into cost saving as it eliminates wasted yield as well as saving time. You can thaw the shrimp and they are ready to be tossed into the pan to cook your favorite dishin quick time.

Cooked Shrimp

Pre-cooked shrimp begin with fresh raw shrimp which have been hand peeled, sized then steam cooked which locks in the natural flavor of the shrimp. There are no seasonings added to this product…so you can use this pre-cooked shrimp in a variety of dishes, hot or cold. Can feature as an entrée or appetizer, pre-cooked shrimp can fit on a wide variety of menu’s at restaurants and at the convenience of your homes.

Value added products

With the value-added products we offer, cooking only gets easier. We offer a range of customized products like Skewered, Marinated, Stretched (Nobashi EBI) and Shrimp Rings among our other products. These products are customized and packaged to your specific needs.